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 Trouble playing the videos

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PostSubject: Trouble playing the videos   Wed 22 Nov 2006 - 21:34

Hey, I'm new to this FTP program, and every time I try to play one of the videos I downloaded, the program doesn't recognize the file type, and the video can't play. My question is, what kind of audio/video program are you using to play Steve's videos? I have Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and something called "Player" (I think I came with the PC), but none of them recognize the type of file that the movie is. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Dimitri E.B.

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PostSubject: Re: Trouble playing the videos   Fri 24 Nov 2006 - 5:21


glad to have you with us.

Not only you need the software but also the codecs to play the files.

Be sure to have the latest DIVX codec pack installed, google thoses words, and you wont have any more troubles.

WMP works fine then and under mac OSX Mplayer is the best, forget about Quicktime, the basic free version is crap.


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Trouble playing the videos
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