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 Notation Logistics

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PostSubject: Notation Logistics   Mon 26 Sep 2011 - 15:36

Hello Steve

My name is Juan. I'm a musician from Venezuela and a big fan.

I don't know if you have addressed this topic in an older post but listening to some of your pieces that have larger ensembles and that are more arranged (in which instruments have specific parts for at least part of the piece) I was very curious about your approach to notating things.

The reason why is because since a lot of the music you write it's pretty involved specially with some of the rhythmic concepts happening, it seems to me that it would be very important that the musicians know what's going on with the other parts.

I've had success in smaller groups writing "mini scores" that have all the information of the tune in a piano staff or maybe three staffs. But I was wondering how do you deal with this in larger groups. Do you just teach them the other parts? Or explain the concepts? or perhaps give them scores? Or do you actually format the sheet music to have their own parts plus the other information?

I hope this makes sense.

Much Respect,

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Notation Logistics
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